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Thursday, December 20, 2012



update 08 Jan 2013 : GA has been cancel.free gift in process to be deliver.

Through out my life,I never done anything awesome.I am schooling and studying like others,have been working for several places after grad and tie the knot with the one I love the most,then becoming housewife and sitting peacefully in front of the tv. Everything seems usual (err..not so usual when I am start thinking about kids!).

But the one thing I am working out the most is ONLINE BUSINESS.Yes.Indeed.Since I am blogging on 2009 until now,I am addicted to selling and buying 'things' online.Lots of thing have been sold and bought!and people get bowl-over when I said
"I am buying my LG Viewty and BB both online!".*Faint.
"I am searching for my pak andam in Facebook!"*Faint but not dead!
(that's one year ago lah.Nowaday booking wedding planner online is just normal!)
But Alhamdulillah,everything was fine and I never get into trouble of MIA parcel or whatsoever (^____^).syukran.

So,with almost 5 years experience in this industry (what the hek!) finally brought me into this 
(remember I said that I am fanatic into Dian in Istanbul Aku Datang?yup.this is the project peeps!)
A business that fully owned by me.Starting last month and I am blessed that my 'baby' is growing up successfully.Thus,I am picking this beautiful date (20.12.2012) to expand my business by rewarding the readers and followers a small-not-so-exciting giveaway soon.The prizes?Ngetop banget,pasti!

soon to reveal


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