♡ izzah ♡: Chocolate Peachy in Bertandang Ceremony 04.12.2012

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chocolate Peachy in Bertandang Ceremony 04.12.2012


The special is we have not 'bersanding' like others..And even no kompang dipalu pengantin malu.Yes.We are the laziest bride ever!

We are so tired to handle.Really tired.I didn't have time to fitting my dress so did my husband.
But,this even  is the most meaningful compare to the two majlis before.The guests called "budak kecik main kawen-kawen" as my husband is petite and we are classmate since we're in standard 4

and I loved the elements of classical on my husband outfit,really macam orang dulu-dulu..my makeup also somekind like old-skool pengantin.with the blown veil.haha
 it because of my veteran-old skool-mak andam..(^__-')

Haish..sadly,I'm not doing the full-preparation for the event and just left it totally to my in-law family.



Edura Hanum said...

awesome lah izzah
like ur idea

NurulizzaH said...

which one dear?
pasal bersanding tu memang tak buat..
tak sangka friends of hubby pun taknak sanding lepas tengok majlis kitorang!hehe

Edura Hanum said...

simple but nice
okay juga xkompang.
at least dpt jimat kos kompang