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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mengapa Ramai Memilih untuk Kahwin Lambat?

Salam Dearies

Satu hari saya asyik seeking 'lubuk emas'.Malam hari baru dapat break.Buka FB dan terbaca sesuatu yang mengujakan.Yaa!Pasal kahwin!hee..Pasal kahwin memang tak pernah menjemukan T____T.Isu apa?Isu realiti sebenar mengapa most Malaysian kahwin lambat masa kini.Saya dah mohon share rencana penulisan ini dari empunya blog,ninanurziana.So,let's have a look at the story down here.

* entri berbentuk esei panjang.harap bersabar menelaah~

Say you are a fresh graduate at that age of 23, a male, starting a carrier as an executive officer working somewhere in KL with a salary, say RM2000 per month and without any saving in the bank.

Monthly, extracting your expenditures on foods, transportation (public or motorcycle), electricity, water, phone, house rent and other expenses, say you can save about RM800 the most. Then, because you are a good son, you send some money to your parents or relatives about RM300 per month. This will give you a balance of RM500 of saving. For the first year, maybe you are very discipline with
your budget, so you save about RM5000.

The next year at the age of 24, you meet a girl of your dream. Both of you plan to get married after one year or two. Ok, that's fine, it gives you time to save some more money and some more time to prepare the basic necessities for a 'happy' family? a car and a roof to live under. That year
because you are a hard worker, you get a raise of 10%.

Since you are also a gentleman, you make sure some money is put aside to spend on dates and
gifts for your girl, so 10% goes for her. Like the previous year, after much sweat and Meggie-eating months, you save another RM5000. Your company is doing ok. You are paid 2 months bonus. So, another RM4000 is added to your saving. So, your total saving now is RM14,000. You decide to spend about RM8000 on a brand-new RM40,000 car down payment. So, you net saving that year is RM6000.

The next year at the age of 25, you are doing fine at work. But because now you have to pay for car every month, your total monthly saving is cut down to about RM400. You save roughly about RM5000 that year. No bonus that year because your company is doing poor. So, your total saving in the bank is RM11,000. Then, you decide to get engaged with your girlfriend. She said OK. So, need to buy an engagement ring. RM1500 is spent on ring plus 'hantaran pertunangan'. So, your net saving that year is RM9,500.

The next year at the age of 26, you get promoted. Your salary now is 1.5 of your starting salary at the company. Good news! You think. "Ok, this year I will get married". You also are 'gersang' already. :)

So, you ask your fiancée "how much is the dowry (hantaran)? "
She say, "berapa-berapa yang u sanggup".
You ask,"RM5000 ok?".
She replies, "I okay je. Tapi my mom tu. Dia kata grad oversea macam I ni mane boleh letak rendah-rendah. Paling kurang RM10,000 tau!".

Your eyes 'terjegil', air liur 'meleleh' and you faint on the spot.
"Where else in the world can I get extra money?", you say to yourself. But, because you are very determined to get married with your dream girl and in the name of love, you work really really hard that year until you are awarded "The Best Employee of The Year". You get 3 months of bonus. You also do some side business to supply ayam pencen. So, roughly your net saving at the end of that year is RM20,000.

Ok, now you are 27 years old with enough saving in the bank to pay for the dowry. But then, come your mom saying,"Anak mak nak kawin ni mesti la buat grand grand. Kita sewa khemah besar-besar, jemput penyanyi ke artis ke sorang dua datang buat persembahan. Lauk pauk kita cater aje la ya? RM10 je sekepala. Baju kawin ko, kita sewa yg cantik-cantik dan mahal-mahal sket. Kita jemput dalam 1000 orang datang ok?"

You did a quick in-the-head-calculation,
"1000xRM10=RM10,000, penyanyi lagi, khemah lagi, buta-buta je RM15,000!!! Tu tak masuk cincin kahwin lagi!!"
You say,"Mak, nak buat apa membazir-bazir duit ni?"
Your mom replies,"Apa pulak membazirnya? Kau kawin sekali je seumur hidup.
`Biarlah buat betul-betul." You insist,"Tapi mak?"
Your mom says, "Dahlah, kau jangan nak buat malu mak. Cik Tipah jiran kita tu buat kenduri kat hotel siap dato, datin, tan sri puan sri lagi datang. Mana la mak nak letak muka kalau buat kenduri kecik kecik?".

Anyway, you finally get married. But, a beautiful happy life after marriage that you dream of with your wife does not last long. You have debts around your waist, interest gets higher every month, cannot afford to pay them, you wife gets tired of you asking money from her, she accuses you of being irresponsible husband for not being a good provider, blah blah blah? At the end, you two go into separate ways? You get divorced.Problem breeds problem? Sometimes we wonder why marriage institution is failing in our country. The above example may not represent the whole phenomena in our culture, but perhaps it gives us some ideas of the problems young couple these days are facing in getting married from my perspective.

The Root Cause of The Problem...
There is something wrong in our culture. I really think there are some practices in our culture in Malaysia (Malay culture specifically) that do not make sense and especially they are contrary to the teaching of Islam. These practices are well-rooted in our culture that unfortunately because of them, many people are 'afraid' to get married, or simply feel like they cannot afford when they are actually can afford. These are some of my observation and summary analysis:

(1) Marriage should be done in the most modest way but in Malaysia, it is ought to be done in the most lavish way. Competition on whose wedding is the most grandeur is almost unavoidable. Fame is usually the reason why people spend unreasonable and wasteful amount of money for a wedding.

(2) The "price" of a woman is measured not according to her perhaps educational status but according to her knowledge and understanding of Deen as suggested by the religion.  'Dowry' system is adopted by the Malays from perhaps the Indians who came to Malaysia long time ago. When the 'dowry' is put too high and men can't afford to pay, marriage is usually delayed or cancelled. An effort to build another small brick unit of this Deen is delayed or perhaps destroyed only for this reason.

(3) Marriage should be a quick and easy process for the couple not hard,
which eventually becomes a burden. These days, we make marriage so complicated that people are afraid of getting married. When I was in the Sydney, I saw Muslim brothers and sisters getting married at the mosque, with just some sweets as the main course for the guests. The guests who were invited to witness the ceremony were usually whoever prayed jemaah at the mosque or some close relatives and friends. There is no point of being extravagance. We should focus on the life after wedding not the wedding itself. Wedding is only a door to the marriage house. Why should we spent a lot of money to decorate the door so beautifully, when the inside of the house is then left empty, dark and unattractive?

love the simplicity of the 'pengantin'

...and the pressure is on men...

Well..tak berkata apa ketika membacanya.Ada betulnya juga ya.Kalau berharta tak ada masalah rasanya.Jangan kata majlis grand,nak jadi fairytale macam ni pon boleh kan.Tapi yang tak berharta?Disogok mak bapak buat itu dan ini,at the end bercerai berai dan terlopong.Masa tu baru mak bapak tadi ingat,sudahlah habis duit buat belanja kahwin,sekarang tercongok pulak si anak depan mata runsing nak cari duit buat bayar nafkah bekas bini T________T
Pada hemat saya,mas kahwin yang utama.Seorang classmate saya memberi mas kahwin rm13k kepada isteri tercinta tanpa wang hantaran kerana nilai rm13k tersebut akan menjadi milik si isteri bulat bulat.Dapatlah si isteri menyimpan nya sebagai hadiah tanpa tuntutan dari pihak lain.But,i wonder kenapa JAIJ menetapkan rm22.50 untuk mas kahwin di Johor?Tak mahu naik kah?huhu..

Satu hal lagi,BARANG KAHWIN SEKARANG MAHAL MAHAL.Tak percaya?Rumah saya dekat dengan Air Hitam,Johor yang orang cakap syurga-barang-kahwin-murah2,mungkin juga setara dengan Nilai3 di Nilai nun.Beg kertas yang pakai-sekali-dah-koyak pun beringgit ringgit sepeket.Bukan nak berkira sangat,tapi sebenarnya benda remeh temeh macam tu yang menambah beban.Oohh!Tu belum prosedur kahwin yang agak merumitkan.Test itu dan ini,surat itu dan surat ini.Tak hairan lah kalau pasangan yang nak kahwin selalu stress menjelang detik diijabkabulkan.Sampai ada yang MC bagai.

Persoalannya,sampai bila kita nak hidup dengan budaya macam ni?

* Tiba tiba teringat kat Oppa kesayangan.Dapatkah beliau mencukupkan 'dowry' tu nanti?Macamana dengan hidup lepas kahwin.Saya tak mahu makan pasir.Huhu..

nak kahwin simple macam ni..boleh?
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Miya Rokujochigusa said...

Sy kawin muda n simple jew. .hehe. .

Hali3isa a.k.a L3ha : SSA said...

~ kawen nie seboleh2nya tak payah grand super duper. Asal ringkas, padat, jimat, tak mmebazir dan ikhlas~ sebab lepas kawen tu lagik2 bnyak yang perlu dilakukan dengan duit~.

IzzaH si pari pari said...

miya :

tu lagi bagus yang..huhu

IzzaH si pari pari said...

leha :

betul tu
kawin grand2,
lepas kawin cerai berai sebab utang keliling pinggang


::m!SS edURA hanUM:: said...

kalau ar banyak wet nak jekk kwin cepat...
lagi cepat kwin lagi baguskan izzah.
nak p mana2 xda sape nak marah or risau.sebab sure kita kuar ngan husband...
nie izzah kwin tahun depan ke

Pinky Pixie said...

org skrang nak demand2 je.. hekhek

akiN aMar said...

sy mencari cinta sejati..bru kawen..
n yg penting kerjaya stabil..hee^_^

IzzaH si pari pari said...

cik dura :

yup.kawen cepat,mudah n ringkas,janji memori tu ada.

insyaallah next year we all nikah darling.. =)

IzzaH si pari pari said...

cik pinky :

kamu?mahu demand @ grand?
pilih cepat~ekekeke

IzzaH si pari pari said...

akin :

moga sukses ketemu soulmate ya
keje best,nak belanja kawen pon best kan~hehe